Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Home Sweet Home, Home Safe Home

Home is considered to be the sweetest and safest place for any one. Whether you come home from a late night party, a long day, or an overseas trip, there’s an instant feeling of calm and security the moment you enter your place. But what if this peace and security is being threatened by unwanted visitors – the persistent salespersons? 

Even though Safe City research has indicated that Mississauga continues to be one of the safest cities in Canada to live, residents of Churchill Meadows area have recently complained about dubious salespersons knocking doors at random hours of the day under the pretext of sales or services. These individuals are typically wearing uniform-like clothes and might carry fake ID cards representing some vague department rather than a company. 

The Ward 10 office has alerted police and they are patrolling the community more often in the day and evening, paying attention to any suspicious activity. Have you encountered anything similar?  Share with us your experience and how you handled the incident. 

Meanwhile, here are few tips on keeping your home and community safe:

#1: Have a Visitor-Response Plan
  • Make sure all members living at home know what to do when the doorbell rings. 
  • Let each other know when a visitor is expected. 
  • Establish the ground rules for children to stay away from the door when the bell rings until they have your instructions. 
  • Ensure that elderly people are aware of emergency protocols should they feel bullied by an unwanted visitor.
#2: Pre-Arrange Service/Sale Visits
Don’t let a salesperson into your home without a pre-arranged appointment. You have the right to refuse to let people into your dwelling. 

#3: Join the Neighbourhood Watch Program
Stats have shown that implementing Neighbourhood Watch can reduce crime by 26%. Is your neighbourhood or street enrolled in the program? If not, you can register to participate by filling an online form at

#4: Inform the Police
Remember that safety is a shared responsibility. By reporting suspicious activities in your neighbourhood to police, you are ensuring safety for yourself, your family and your community and you aid police in their monitoring and enforcement efforts. 

Let me know if this information helped you. 

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