Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Keeping Pets Safe, Healthy and Loved!

We've been facing winter's icy blast for a few weeks now and it looks like there is more to come! If you think it's cold, your pets do too - don't let their furry coat fool you.

Imagine: you just finished shovelling the snow. As you return to the comfortable warmth in front of your fireplace, or snuggly warm blankets, your dog decides she needs to run outside in the sub-zero temperatures. You know you can't ignore your furry friend, and all that jumping around indicates the urgency to respond to nature’s call or the need to go out for a little run. You put on your winter gear and trudge out in the snow once again to keep your precious companion happy. And you return too many minutes later with a shivering and restless pooch!

I want to share with you a few winter care tips for pets... especially in light of a new by-law that was introduced in Mississauga last year outlining new standards of care during extreme weather for your pet. It clearly states that pets cannot be left outdoors during extreme weather except for brief walks or exercise unless the animal has access to adequate shelter. Also, animals cannot be left unattended in automobiles if weather conditions are not suitable and may cause the animal distress.

1.     Keep your pets active in the winter through exercising and routine walks. Keep toys handy for indoor play and exercise.

2.     To protect your dogs from extreme weather, it is a good idea to invest in good winter gear like warm boots and jackets.

3.      Applying paw creams can help keep your dog’s paws healthy.

4.      Do not leave your pets unattended if taking them outside in the cold.

5.      Take extra care of your pets’ nutrition. Ingesting warm food will help their bodies stay warm too!

To learn more about the new laws in effect in Mississauga, related to standards of care for pets, visit
And, no matter how cold it is, please remember to pick up after your dog. It's not just a courteous thing to do, it's the law.

If you have additional tips or suggestions on how we can take better care of our pets, please add them in the comments section below.

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